My 20 years experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and my coach training being accredited to the International Coaching Federation provide a highly-tailored, evidence-based coaching service. My visualisation approach helps you connect with your core values and plan every action carried out through your typical day, ensuring your daily life is in line with your most desired goals.

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"Alessandra is a fantastic presenter and comes across very well in the training. All her explanations/examples are very clear and precise, it was really easy to follow and was put together really really well. I found the training really amazing and very beneficial it gave me such a boost in a very positive way."


Human Resources Manager


"Working out my values, and learning how to link my daily actions to these values, has had a big impact both personally and professionally - I'm now better at focusing my time and mental energy on what really matters"


McKinsey & Company Management Consultant

"Well worth the time out to take part and being able to focus on personal Values alongside colleagues. Look forward to a follow-up session"


Investment Banker at Barclays Bank

"Fantastic session, I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much Alessandra. It has helped me visualise the future and define my own values. This session has also taught me to enjoy the journey to achieving goals which I think is really important."


Personal Assistant at Lazard

"Very useful, insightful. Made me think about where I am and where I want to be both mentally, physically and spiritually."


Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs

"It really helps to slow me down and think deeply about aspects of my Wellbeing and what is important to me. was very good and there were some really interesting ideas to improve your lifestyle/ well-being."


Investment Banker at Lazard

"I strongly believe that every individual has the right and ability to reach their full potential and that is why I dedicated my life to making sure this happens for each and every one of my clients."

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